We are in Brooklyn, NY

We Repair & Take-In Fajas or Body Shapers

Hands by Genesis - We reapir and take-in fajas and body shapers

 Just email us your problem and watch our seamstress do miracles!

  • We repair and replace zippers.
  • We replace hooks.
  • We take-in garments.
  • We extend the length of garments legs or arm sizes.
  • We can even widening the width of the legs or arms of a garment.


Tailoring Faja's Services Pricing

  • Take-in $40
  • Hook replacement $50
  • Zipper replacement $50

Any additional fajas or body shaper repair varies and will be quoted.

Note to Customers: 

All repair pricing is detriment by the repair needs, while Hands by Genesis have a based price list for all seamstress repairs a complete emailed photo of your garment is needed to determine any and all pricing. Call us at 646-359-1530